Sunday, June 24, 2012


Dear THE BARNYARD CUPCAKES friends, family and fans,

Thank you to all of you for over the years we have received amazing and creative material from you all in form of letters, notes, artwork and buying our songs.

You are all part of our story and the reason why we are able to create and survive as a band!

In the last couple years we have documented our journey and the good news is we currently in pre production for our TBC documentary and Bumpkin TV show in the making!!

We want for YOU all to have the opportunity to be part of this film, the show and be credited as well.

If you have any filmed footage connected to the band, farm life, farm animals, Rocky Top, Smoky Mountains, any mountains, animals or video footage describing what THE BARNYARD CUPCAKES means and is to you please share it with us.

You can do so emailing photos, artwork and video footage in the TBC email dropbox at
Please include your name(s), current contact information, and info on and where the photos and films were done.

Peace and Love
Earlene Ca$h
Jonnie $ue Pe$ley